SUNARI YOGA LLC - Joyful Yoga for Body & Spirit
                                             Yoga Classes
         Vinyasa & Gentle Flow
         Mondays    6:30 pm
     Newton Medical Center  
   Romano Conference Center
     Call Community Benefits                       973- 579-8622 or 973-670-9664                                                                                
                     Welcome and Namaste'
    Joy is our Truth and our True Nature.    My Yoga is not a "cookie cutter" practice.   One posture does not fit all.   Each of our bodies are unique in structure.  You will learn how to modify postures making them comfortable for you.  You will learn to practice "your Yoga" a practice that is comfortable for your body.    If you have been hesitant to try a yoga class thinking you are too stiff, inflexible, over 40!! .....Then this is the Class for you.
      Every time we come to the mat, our bodies are different than the day before and you will learn through the practice to honor and respect those differences.  Body awareness unfolds and your practice becomes a Meditation in Movement.   
    Yoga is connection with Body and Breath.   Learn to move with awareness using the breath, taking you into a deeper connection with your body  while  building  strength, balance, and patience with yourself.   
            Stira Sukham Asanam- Asana is a steady, comfortable posture
Yoga is such a wonderful companion to other exercises such as running, walking, cycling, tennis, and weight training. 
Even if you haven't exercised for awhile this is a beautiful way to begin to feel better about yourself.        
                  Call for more information and details      
Come experience the difference for Your self and  in  your Self.
                                              Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti

                                               Peace, Peace, Peace 
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