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                               Teacher  Bio
                    Darlene V. Cooper,  E-RYT
  I  have been a student of Yoga for 14 years and I  am certified with Yoga Alliance.   Over the years I have attended workshops and classes at the Himalayan Institute in PA.,  the Omega Institute and Ananda Ashram in upstate NY.   Laughing Lotus Yoga and Yoga Works in New York City and Easton Yoga in PA.  Those classes and workshops I have attended have been taught by John Friend, Amy Ippoliti, Max Strom, Sarah Tomalinson, Sharon Salzberg, Dharma Mitta, Krishna Das, Seane Corn,  Lilas Folan, Cindi Lee, and Patricia Walden.
   In  July 2011  I attended Pre-Natal Teacher Training Workshop and in  March of 2012 obtained certification at Sivananda Yoga Ashram in the Bahamas in Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training. Recently in 2014 I attended a week workshop with Peggy Cappy from PBS "Yoga for the Rest of Us".
                                 Learning just never ends
                    Thank you to all my teachers for their Inspiration !  
     With Grace and Gratitude to Tulasi Jordan for your Loving Energy and Inspiration. To Gail Robertiello for your Guidance.  To Dawn for that first class.  To all my students for their support, and most of all to my family for your Love & Support. 
                                  My  Heart & Love to All
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